This core area of activity focuses on the design of electronic devices and sensors, which are the building blocks of electronic and photonic circuits and systems. The electronics industry is continuously evolving, not only because of new design methodologies on one hand, but because of the development of new electronic devices and sensors. EMPS would be incomplete without including targeted research in this area. Successful designs of new devices can be patented and licensed to commercial foundries to include as part of their standard commercial processes.

Over the past three decades, the advancements in optical fiber has undoubtedly improved and reshaped optic technology. Today optical fibers are synonymous with the word “telecommunication” and “optical sensors”. Recently, the ability to alter the core index of refraction in a single mode optical fibre by optical absorption of UV light and femtosecond laser pulses has revolutionize the field of sensors and telecommunications devices. The photosensitivity of optical fibres allows the fabrication of phase structures directly into the fibre core, called fibre Bragg gratings. The fibre Bragg grating can perform many primary functions, such as reflection and filtering, in a highly efficient, low loss manner. This versatility has stimulated a number of significant innovations, such as structural sensors that will be used for monitoring the structural integrity in manmade structures which is of vital importance in an earthquake region like Cyprus and sensors for early detection of forest fires. This along with the fact that fiber optics is probably one of the lowest cost technology presently available we believe development of such high technology and knowledge base in Cyprus has the potential for the development of new industry which eventually provide the basis for strong economy.