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RF-META is a new distinct research centre focusing on the development of advanced RF electronics for use in adaptive metamaterial technology. The centre establishes a modern design and test facility, key infrastructure targeting the mm-wave region. This will provide a significant new contribution to the research facilities of Cyprus, and will enable research to be conducted in the emerging fields of wireless and photonic communications (including 5G networks and beyond), broadband satellite communications, radar imaging systems, and sensing applications.

The project INFRASTRUCTURES/1216/0042 (RF-META) is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.


Host Organization: University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus (UCY) is the host institution of the project. UCY was established in 1989 as the first university in Cyprus with the aim to become a leading educational and research institution, distinguishing itself internationally through the promotion of scholarship and being recognized as an institution of excellence in the Mediterranean region. The main objectives of UCY are twofold: the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and the enhancement of the cultural, social, and economic development of Cyprus. The most recently founded schools of UCY are the School of Engineering (founded in 2003) and the School of Medicine (founded in 2013).
While a relatively young university with 7,000 students and nearly 1,000 employees (academic and administrative), UCY has many accomplishments to show over a very short period of time. Apart from being the leading university and the most active research institution in Cyprus (according to the most recent European Research Rankings), UCY is the youngest institution to be ranked in the top 550 Higher Education Institutions in the world (placed in the 351-400 group for 2015-2016 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings). Furthermore, UCY has been recently ranked 55th worldwide in the “150 Under 50 Rankings” of the top 150 universities under 50 years old (THE World University Rankings). UCY is committed to excellence across all its academic and administrative entities, and is one of the few organizations in Cyprus holding the EFQM “Committed to Excellence” Award and acknowledged with the “HR Excellence in Research” logo. Furthermore, it currently delivers up to 350 externally funded research projects, includingseveral EU H2020 projects, and 10 ERC Grants, as well as national and regional research programmes funded by the National Research Promotion Foundation and the European Structural Funds. The university was recently awarded a major grant under the Teaming programme of WIDESPREAD, with a total value of 20 million euro to establish a centre of excellence in intelligent systems

Frederick Research Centre

Frederick Research Center (FRC) is a leading research non-profit organization in Cyprus. It was established in 1997 in order to create a solid foundation for the development of scientific research activities of Cypriot and foreign scientists. FRC’s main goals are:
– To promote scientific research and science in general and to undertake and conduct research of basic and applied nature in various domains,
– To encourage participation and development of R&D proposals, as well as the sound implementation of externally funded R&D projects,
– To establish collaborations with other national and international research Centers and Universities, as well as SMEs for the execution of research work,
– To offer R&D consulting services to individuals, business, organizations and the government 

FRC engages highly qualified academic/research staff with long experience in implementing independent and high caliber research and with rich publications record in peer-reviewed scientific journals. FRC encourages the “Bottom-up” approach for development of ideas and therefore the projects implemented under FRC cover a broad range of research interests. Numerous R&D projects (~ 80 externally funded national and EU projects – INTACT, LEADERS and SECRET) have been carried out through FRC, and part of their results, have been presented in international scientific conferences, contributing to their dissemination and technology transfer. The Center has been involved in R&D projects relevant to Applied Sciences and Engineering, Environment, Education, Management & Economics and Social Sciences. To facilitate this, FRC has contemporary facilities and access to Frederick University’s infrastructure, equipment and software tools through a special collaboration agreement. Furthermore, FRC staff has developed closed collaboration with several public authorities, enterprises, non-profit organizations and universities in Cyprus and abroad.

Open University of Cyprus

OUC will participate in RF- META with the Telecommunication Systems Research laboratory (TSRL) of the Open University of Cyprus. The Telecommunication Systems Research Lab (TSRL) was created and is run by Assoc. Professor Stavros Stavrou. TSRL’s mission is to carry out applied research activities and to provide technological solutions in areas related to wireless communication systems, for the purpose of improving the performance of a telecommunication system, delivering innovative algorithms and applications or improving the delivery of applications over a telecommunication system. To this purpose, TSRL members have been involved in a number of national and International research projects and are involved in the following activities: RF / Antenna Design, Emulator Design for various wireless Technologies (Wireless Broadband, Satellite, DVB-T), Wireless Modelling for Cellular, Fixed Links, Wireless Broadband or Satellite Systems (Layer 1 to 3), MIMO communications, Image Processing for Telecommunication Applications and large scale wireless modelling, Jamming Applications / Communication Interception / Wireless Network Security for wireless broadband (e.g. 802.11), wireless sensor and cellular networks, Communication payload provision to UAVs and UGVs, Localization / Positioning algorithm development and positioning platform development, System Level Integration and communication platform development, radio propagation campaigns.


SignalGeneriX is a leading high-tech Cypriot technology SME operating in the field New Electronic Product Development. The company is based in Cyprus but operates as an expert provider of new technologies realized both in hardware and software to a wide network of clients and collaborators throughout Europe. SignalGeneriX is today the leading Cypriot company in its field, presented with the Cyprus Engineering Award 2015, named as a National Champion in Innovation at the European Business Awards 2014, awarded with the prestigious Lloyds List Global Innovation Award 2014, and the Cyprus Innovation Award 2013 for its Wisense® innovative technologies. The quality of the scientific output of SignalGeneriX was also pivotal for the company’s ranking by the European Research rankings as the top research performing company in Cyprus. The company has also recently been awarded the Eureka Label from the European Commission as a recognition of substantial innovation in R&D. Various facets of the work output of SignalGeneriX have been presented at international exhibitions and scientific conferences, published in acknowledged scientific journals and featured in science & technology world news such as the Euronews Futuris documentary.

The company’s diversified portfolio of commercial products and intellectual property has been creatively used to develop beyond the state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of industries ranging from Communications, Defence and Health to Smart Systems and Critical Infrastructure Monitoring technologies. SignalGeneriX’s track record for successful electronic product development is evident from more than fifteen internationally marketed products that use the company’s proprietary technologies for different market sectors. SignalGeneriX is actively participating in various national and European projects in its area of expertise. The company is currently involved in seven H2020 and one National research projects and applying its expertise in hardware and software design and development, antennas design, Signal Processing, Communications and microelectronics. The company has recently secured a European patent and also presented its scientific results in various international scientific conferences and also produced scientific papers published in international books, transactions and journals.

CUT – Remote Sensing and Geo-Environment Laboratory

The Remote Sensing and Geo-Environment Laboratory, member of the Eratosthenes Research Centre, research goal is the advance understanding of the Earth system sciences using remote sensing methods and engineering techniques. The mission of the RS Lab is to conduct both basic and applied research towards improved understanding, management, and monitoring of natural resources and infrastructures and to offer expert services and products of excellent qualities in line with the latest development remote sensing and related geospatial technologies or other high-tech tools. Its research is focused in the following thematic areas: Remote Sensing; Cultural Heritage / Archaeology; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Sustainability; Natural Hazards; Risk assessment; Climate change; Water Resources Management; Atmospheric sciences; Agriculture; Earthquake Engineering; Geology; Urban design; Civil Engineering; Transport Planning/Modelling; Construction Innovation, Life cycle assessment etc. The Lab is a member of several networks such as SPIE, EARSeL, EARLINET, ACTRIS, AERONET (NASA) and has strong links with organizations such as ESA, DLR and GEO. The Group has received funding for over 60 research programs and funded projects since 2007 with funding Sources from: European Union, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and industry.

Sigint Solutions

Sigint Solutions is an ICT R&D performing SME able to transform state of the art research activities to cutting-edge products to foster commercial success. Examples of software products developed by Sigint include TruNET Wireless, currently co-developed with Fractal Networx & WiFi Exposure Meter promoted through google play market. Other R&D platforms developed by Sigint and include the development of communication simulators, emulators and network test beds. An ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory supports the consulting services and the experimental platforms’ validation and testing activities of the company. The ISO 17025 laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art calibrated equipment. Equipment includes radio wireless measurement systems that cover a wide range of frequencies and systems. Sigint’s competency In the R&D area is demonstrated by its successful, long term research record in R&D projects from FP6-FP7, EUREKA CELTIC and national calls.

University of Birmingham (UoB)

The UoB Communications group is one of the leading research centres in microwave and Terahertz antennas, devices and materials. UoB has a long tradition of research in the areas of active and reconfigurable antennas which has been supported by EPSRC (EP/F017502/1) as well as a number of industrial grants. Furthermore, previous funding for the group from EPSRC (EP/H029656/1) has allowed us to pioneer the development of micromachined waveguides. Based on our unique technology, we have developed passive waveguide circuits at frequencies of up to 700GHz. We have also designed and developed micromachined antennas, such as waveguide slot arrays and metasurface-based planar antennas at mmWave frequencies up to 300GHz. Due to its research heritage, the UoB, has the ideal mix of skills and experience to undertake a project of this nature.