The vision of EMPHASIS is to be an internationally-competitive research and design centre hosted by the University of Cyprus, encompassing the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) of ICT, namely electronics, sensors, nanotechnology, microwaves and photonics and thus enabling the development of a substantial high-technology sector in the Cypriot economy.

Mission Statement 

The aim of the Research Centre is to diversify the socio-economic fabric of Cyprus and promote innovation through applied research and development. The EMPHASIS centre will stimulate economic growth through the development of cutting-edge KETs (key enabling technologies) in micro/nano-electronic devices, sensors, photonics and microwave circuits and systems. EMPHASIS will act as a catalyst for the generation of high-value added employment opportunities and the growth of high-technology industry in Cyprus, especially in communications and health. Global objectives are:

  • To produce high-impact, disruptive and deployable research in our four core areas (electronics, microwaves, photonics and devices/sensors)
  • To foster the creation of a local silicon valley through close interaction with new start-up companies and the attraction of direct inward investment from large international technology companies.
  • Enhance the high-tech ecosystem by producing a pool of highly trained young researchers and a continuing education program that will assist the growth of local companies.
  • To act as a direct bridge between academia and industry by offering access to world-class research facilities and industrially-relevant training.
  • To further promote collaborations with key multinational industrial players.

EMPHASIS’s Wider Framework

How the EMPHASIS research centre fits within the wider Cypriot framework