This core area of activity focuses on the design of electronic circuits with particular emphasis on Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS). Analog, Digital and Mixed-signal ASICs play a critical role in today’s consumer electronics. Without these custom designed chips, none of the portable electronics that we have today, e.g. MP3 players, mobile phones, GPS systems would be viable. Building them with standard off-the-shelf components would make them prohibitively expensive, prohibitively large and their battery life would be a fraction of what it is now. The analog ASICs market is huge. 60% of the nearly $37B of analog ICs sold in 2010 were ASICs. The application areas for electronics are limited only by the imagination. Apart from in consumer electronics, ASICs are found in automobiles (that have dozens of ASICS), aircraft, trains, bicycles, military hardware, medical equipment, home appliances, scuba gear, manufacturing equipment etc.