EMPHASIS is an interdisciplinary endeavour, involving researchers from departments in both the School of Engineering and the School of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Cyprus. The aim of EMPHASIS is to stimulate economic growth through the development of cutting-edge KETs (key enabling technologies) in Electronics, Microwaves, Photonics and Sensors. Our centre’s name was chosen not only to reflect these four main pillars, but also to put emphasis on the importance of these underlying technologies to a myriad of applications. Everyday items such as smartphones are based on the very technologies we focus on, including antennas, wireless circuits and sensors. Our work also finds application in several other research areas, among them the Internet of Things, biomedical devices, space technology and industrial sensors. 

Our vision is not to simply conduct research as an academic pursuit, but to also link it to societal development and economic growth. Through industrial collaborations, EMPHASIS aims to be a catalyst for the development of high-tech in Cyprus, especially in the health and communications sectors. A key aspect of our centre is the blend of both young and experienced researchers, who together are working on projects funded by national and European agencies (such as Horizon 2020 and the European Space Agency). In future issues of the newsletter, we will be highlighting our contributions arising from these projects and our goal for advancing Cyprus’ place in the world of high-tech. 

EMPHASIS’s Wider Framework